There are some charming senior picture locations around the Walla Walla Valley because the town has a lot of history and character. Since I grew up and have family in Walla Walla, I'm in the area quite frequently for visits and photoshoots. I'd love to share the top four locations I enjoy the most. If you're open to a broader area, check out these five unique locations in the Tri-Cities!

My Top 4 Senior Picture Locations in the Walla Walla Valley


Just outside Walla Walla on Old Highway 12, there's a rustic spot called the 'Prince's Cabin.' I found this hidden gem in plain site. It's believed to be the oldest French-Canadian structure in Washington state. A lot of history lives here dating all the way back to the late 1800's. Surrounded by tall grass and open skies, it's perfect for seniors looking for a western vibe in their photos. Put on your boots, grab some tick spray, and we'll head out for a unique senior session!

girl leaning up against an old cabin tipping her western style hat
girl standing in an open field looking back
girl leaning up against and old cabin
girl standing in tall grass holding her western style hat


One of my favorite locations just outside Walla Walla is the Whitman Mission National Historic Site off Old Highway 12. Sitting on 138 acres, it offers something for everyone with beautiful blooming trees in spring, lush greenery in summer, vibrant autumn leaves, and a short hike up to a monument overlooking the site. The old wooden fence is a favorite spot of mine.

Girl leaning on a wood fence at the Whitman Mission
Girl leaning on a wood fence at the Whitman Mission


A short drive outside Walla Walla up to the mountains is always a fun spot for senior photos. Growing up in Walla Walla, The Blues are always calling my name. There's nothing better than exploring a meadow in the crisp mountain air. Venture further into the trees, and you'll reach an opening with a breathtaking view of the canyons and a stunning sunset. Dirt roads and mountaintop sunsets make for beautiful senior photos. It's always fun to see if you can spot any free-range cattle up there, too!

Girl leaning on a tree in the Walla Walla Blue Mountains


Downtown Walla Walla is a beautiful and historic area popular with architecture lovers and seniors seeking an urban backdrop for their photos. One of my favorite spots downtown is an alleyway with rich brick walls, modern black walls with greenery, and rooftop views all in the same 10 feet. Downtown also features unique storefronts like Bright's Candies, Inland Octopus, and 35th+Butter, offering plenty of opportunities for creative senior photos. Downtown Walla Walla is definitely a vibe!


Alright everyone, senior picture season is just around the corner! I hope these senior picture locations sparked some inspiration for what you envision your own session to be like. If you're ready to book your senior photo session, click here and let's get you on the calendar!