If you're contemplating where to capture those precious early moments with your newest family member, let me share why in-home lifestyle newborn sessions hold a special place in my heart. In sessions like these, you'll enjoy the warmth of your personal space, the familiarity of your own home, and the authentic joy that naturally flows while wrapped in the love you've built together. That's the magic of in-home sessions. These photos aren't just about documenting the adorable yawns and tiny toes (although, trust me, we'll capture those too!)... but about preserving the authentic essence of your family's beginning. So, grab a cup of coffee or hot cocoa because ‘tis the season, get comfy, and let's chat about why choosing in-home newborn photos might be the perfect way to freeze these fleeting moments.


Capturing newborn moments at home ensures you're in your comfort zone, focusing on genuine family connections rather than perfect poses. Your baby's first photos in the spaces where they'll grow bring a sentimental touch. Remember the tiny, squishy phase on your bed or in the crib. We embrace the unpredictable—wide-awake moments or snug in mama's arms. I take it slow, allowing for feedings and changes, capturing those initial intimate interactions. Lifestyle sessions aren't about perfection; they're about showcasing your love for this tiny human. You get timeless photos, and I get some adorable newborn snuggles—a win-win!

Choosing an in-home newborn session means you get to bask in the comfort of your own space while prioritizing authentic family connections over perfect poses. Whether you prefer the relaxed vibe of lifestyle shots or the more traditional posed style, I've got you covered—all within the familiar coziness of your home. And here's the exciting part: I offer "The Whole 9 Yards Newborn Session." In this extended session, we spend up to 3 hours capturing a perfect blend of lifestyle and traditionally posed photos, giving you the best of both worlds.


Newborn sessions are ideal when your little one is between 5-12 days old. However, with lifestyle sessions, we have a bit more flexibility and can capture those sweet moments up to around four weeks old. However, the sooner, the better, as babies change SO quickly in the first couple of weeks. To simplify things for busy parents, I bring all the swaddles, wraps, and props needed for the session. But hey, if you have something special you want to include, it's always welcomed—because these moments are about you and your unique story.

"Honest Disclosure: I wasn't sure I wanted "baby in a bucket" photos. I wanted more of an in-home newborn session, and Evan wanted these more traditional ones. We were lucky enough to find @sydneynicholephotography, who could do both, and boy oh boy do I wish I had more of this style. Sydney knocked it out of the park, and I will treasure these forever! How are we going to choose favorites when she just nailed the home session too? These are everything and more than what I was hoping for in a newborn photo session."


Hello, soon-to-be parents! I'd be absolutely honored to craft a beautiful newborn session with you. Ready to secure a spot for those in-home newborn photos on your calendar? Just click here to get in touch! If you still need to book maternity photos, check out this Dreamy Maternity Session at Blue Mountain Lavender Farm for inspiration!